Laser welding

We offer laser weldable grades ranging from general GF grade to hydrolysis resistant grade and flame retardant grade.

Features of Laser Welding

Black grade for laser welding with excellent design surface
Grades suitable for laser welding of black colors to each other suitable for design parts.
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1.Laser radiation head
2.Laser light
3.Molten layer
4.Transmission side material: Laser welding compatible grade
5.Absorbing side material: absorbs laser light
6.Laser radiation head
7.Laser light
8.Molten layer


Design flexibility for butt welding

A special coloring formula that balances permeation and absorption enables butt welding, high degree of design freedom, and space saving.

Responding to electrical components using flame retardant grade

By improving the transmittance of the flame retardant grade which was difficult to be welded conventionally, it can be welded at a lower energy. By allowing welding at low power, the burning of the welding interface is reduced.

Example of use

Applicable to various plastic parts using laser welding technology.


Electric Park Brake

ECU case

Automotive camera

Battery Case