Three-dimensional suction blow molding

Suction blow molding is a blow molding process that has high durability due to internal pressure without pinch-off, and can process hollow pipes with thin to large diameters and long three-dimensional shapes with high uniformity of thickness.


LEONA Durelia™ (Ultra Heat Resistant Technique) and LEONA™ 53G series of hollow components with a high degree of freedom in shapes that can be lightened and cost-reduced while meeting automotive requirements have been developed for suction blowing based on the anti-calcium chloride/hydrolysis technology.
It also supports product design in suction blow molding.

Suction blow Extrusion process Injection & welding RFM AGI/WIT
Uniformity of meat ++ +++
Inner surface roughness ++ ++ +++
Long (1m to) ++ ++
Thick type
(ф 60)
++ ++
(to ф 46)
(ф 60)
++ ++
Deformed section ++ ++
Material loss ++ ++ ++
Durable ++ ++ -(weld surface) ++ ++


Heat aging resistance

It has suction blow moldability and exhibits stable heat aging resistance even in the high temperature range of 190-230℃.
Suitable for automobile/turbocharger air ducts and other hollow pipe components used in high temperature atmospheres.

LLC (hydrolysis) resistance meter

In addition to hydrolysis resistance, a suction blow molding material with a high degree of calcium chloride resistance was developed.
In addition to the hydrolysis-resistant and calcium chloride-resistant polyamide-based injection molding material technology cultivated in radiator tank materials, it is also suitable for pipes for transporting refrigerants such as automotive/cooling piping due to its suction blow moldability.

Product design of pipe moldings

Supports product design by suction blow molding. The wall thickness of the product is reproduced in the analytical model, and the pressure resistance design by the stress analysis.

Example of use

Applicable to various plastic parts using laser welding technology.

Automobile engines

Turbocharger air duct

Coolant system pipe

Electric Vehicles


Inverter cooling piping