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Ultra-High Flow Polyacetal
Copolymer for Powder Injection Molding


テナック-C FF520

Introduction to Technologies and Products

An ultra-high flow polyacetal copolymer developed for
binder resins in powder injection molding (PIM)

In PIM technology, polyacetal (POM) is used as a resin constituting a binder due to the high strength of POM itself as well as the advantage that it is decomposed without residue by acid and heat.

TENAC™-C FF520 is a POM copolymer that provides very high fluidity while maintaining the excellent mechanical properties of POM.

Table: Physical properties of TENAC™-C FF520 vs other resins for PIM

Sintered ISO2740 dumbbell fabricated using TENAC™-C FF520.Fig. : Sintered body of ISO2740 dumbbell made using TENAC™-C FF520

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For more information, please download the available materials from “TENAC™-C FF520 Documentation Downloads”.

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