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Halogen & Red Phosphorus Free PA66 Next Generation Flame Retardant Grade Considering Environment and Safety

Leona™ SN Series

Asahi Kasei 's polyamide resin "LEONA™ SN Series" is a halogen-free, red phosphorus-free, flame-retardant polyamide resin that takes into consideration the environment and safety. It has excellent laser transmittance and bonding strength, high strength, high stiffness, UL94 V-0 (0.75 mm) acquisition, and tracking resistance (CTI) of 600 V (PLC 0).


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Proposal content

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  • 1. Introduction - About the flame-retardant polyamide 66 market
  • 2. What is LEONA™ SN series?
  • 2. What is LEONA™ SN series?
  • 4. Laser marking evaluation of LEONA™ SN series
  • 5.Evaluation of formability of LEONA™ SN series: mold deposit, mold corrosion
  • 6. Application example of LEONA™ SN series
  • 7. LEONA™ SN Series Proposal Points