Engineering Particle Foam Beads SunForce™ BE Download

engineering plastics particle foam beads with excellent flame resistance and dimensional accuracy

Engineering Particle Foam Beads SunForce™ BE

Introducing SunForce™, an engineering plastics foam that has features that go beyond conventional foams, such as flame resistance and heat insulation, as well as flame retardancy, dimensional accuracy, and thin wall molding.

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Details can be found in the download document.

Advantages of SunForce™ BE
  • Flame Retardancy: UL 94 V-0 with a non-halogen formulation
  • Heat Resistance : High strength even under high temperature conditions
  • Thermal Insulation: For applications that require thermal insulation, warmth, condensation prevention
  • Design Flexibility: Small bead size provides design flexibility, allowing complex designs
  • High Precision: For applications that require high dimensional accuracy
  • Lightweight: Because it is made of foam, it is extremely lightweight compared to other materials.