• Sustainability

Asahi Kasei’s engineering plastics are part of a circular economy

Producing materials

Producing materials

An introduction to technologies for producing materials based on biomass and other nature-based raw ingredients.

Producing products

Producing products

An introduction to technologies for using fewer resources and considering environmental impact when producing products.

Using products

Using products

An introduction to methods for reducing environmental impacts created when consumers use products.

Recycling materials

Recycling materials

An introduction to various types of plastic recycling and their importance

Calculating cfp

Calculating CFP

We will introduce the purpose and calculation method of calculating CFP (Carbon Footprint of Products).

Asahi Kasei Group is adopting policies to accelerate progress toward carbon neutrality

At Asahi Kasei Group, we strive every day to live up to our corporate philosophy: improving life and living for people around the world.

Crucial to this objective is our recognition of climate change as an urgent global problem with potentially transformative consequences for societies and the natural environment. The challenges of understanding this phenomenon—and of responding to it with the full breadth of our capabilities and the legacy of scientific excellence we have cultivated since our founding—are central to the mission of Asahi Kasei Group. To this end, in May 2021 we adopted a new set of policies designed to accelerate progress toward carbon neutrality.


Asahi Kasei Group’s goals for reducing emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs):

We aspire to be carbon neutral (zero effective GHG emissions) by 2050.

As an intermediate milestone, by 2030 we aspire to reduce GHG emissions by more than 30% compared to 2013 levels.


Note: These goals pertain to absolute emission volumes of Scope 1 (direct GHG emissions from Asahi Kasei Group) and Scope 2 (indirect GHG emissions associated with the use of electric power, heat, and steam supplied by other firms).


To help achieve these goals, we are pursuing initiatives on two fronts associated with our engineering-plastic products:

(1) Reducing GHG emissions due to Asahi Kasei’s own business activities

(2) Helping to reduce GHG emissions due to the use of Asahi Kasei products in society through efforts in business sectors and technology.


In terms of carbon footprints (CFPs), a focus of growing interest in recent years, we have established a platform to grasp the amount of GHG emissions and calculate CFPs for each grade of engineering-plastic products.

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