Foam with excellent flame retardance and heat resistance
Engineering Particle Foam Beads

Overview and Features
エンプラ発泡ビーズサンフォース® エンプラ発泡ビーズサンフォース®

What is engineering plastic foam beads SunForce™?

SunForce™ is a bead made by foaming Asahi Kasei 's modified PPE resin "XYRON™". This page introduces "SunForce™ BE," which is particularly excellent in flame resistance, from the SunForce™ product lineup.

SunForce™ BE is a highly functional material with unprecedented design possibilities.In addition to the unique performance of this lightweight thermal-insulating foam, the flame-retardant qualities, dimensional accuracy, and thin-wall molding of the material combine functions beyond those of conventional foams to facilitate a wide range of design proposals in line with the requirements for product and component design.

We can make a wide range of proposals to meet your product and component design needs.

SunForce™ BE made by foaming modified PPE resin

Features of modified PPE resin particle foam beads SunForce™ BE

SunForce™ BE has the unique performance of foam, such as light weight and heat insulation, and also has functions beyond those of conventional foam, such as flame resistance, dimensional accuracy, and thin-wall molding, making products lighter and more functional. 

Flame retardancy  (UL94 V-0)

SunForce™ BE is a foam-bead material to achieve compliance with the V-0 level of the UL-94 flame-retardant standard for plastic components, indicating an extremely high level of flame retardance.As shown below, UL 94 V-0 is achieved when specimen self-extinguishes within 10 seconds and drips of particles are not inflamed.

flame resistance of engineering plastic particle foam beads SunForce BE (UL94 V-0)
Flame retardancy  (UL94 V-0)

Heat resistance

SunForce™ BE has superior heat resistance compared to conventional foamed plastics. PPE, the raw material of SunForce™ BE, is an engineering plastic with excellent heat resistance among plastics, and SunForce™ BE inherits its characteristics.

heat resistance of engineering plastic particle foam beads SunForce BE
Heat resistance

*As a separate grade, SunForce™ BH (high heat resistant product) is available. Composite forming with various materials such as carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP) enables the production of lightweight, high-strength, heat-insulating, flame-retardant, and tangible composites. Please contact us for details.

Thermal insulation

SunForce™ BE has a low thermal conductivity compared to other materials and is a high-level insulation material. SunForce™ BE  can be applied to applications requiring thermal insulation, warmth, and condensation prevention.

Thermal insulation of engineering plastic particle foam beads SunForce BE
Thermal insulation

Thin wall molding/Shock absorption

SunForce™ can be molded into thin walls, which is difficult to do with conventional foams, and has shock absorbing properties, so it can contribute to space-saving and weight reduction of products and parts.

Although it is a foam, it can also be used for parts with thin ribs or thin shapes.

SunForce can be used for thin-wall molding.
SunForce™ BE enables thin-wall molding

High precision

As described above, the dimensional change at the time of fabrication is also very small, and molding at a level similar to ordinary injection molded products is possible.SunForce™ can be used with confidence in structures requiring dimensional accuracy.

In addition, SunForce™ BE inherits the characteristics of PPE resin, which has a low coefficient of linear expansion in comparison with other plastics, and the effects of temperature are relatively small.

Dimensional Accuracy of Engineering Plastic particle foam beads SunForce BE
High precision

In addition, when molding SunForce™ BE, warpage and sinkage are less likely to occur even when the product incorporates large variation in wall thickness. This allows for freedom in design so that, for example, uniform wall thicknesses are not required. This is because SunForce™ BE employs a method in which the mold is filled with beads which are then expanded and simultaneously fused with the heat from steam.

Click here for the SunForce™ Molding Guide

Light weight

SunForce™ BE has a very fine cellular structure inside, making it extremely light compared to other materials. (5x expanded product: 0.20g/cc, 7x expanded product: 0.14g/cc, 10x expanded product: 0.10g/cc)

Lightweight engineering plastic particle foam beads SunForce BE
Light weight

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Modified PPE Resin particle foam beads SunForce™ BE Utilization Proposal


For EV batteries

SunForce™ BE's Flame retardance (UL 94  V-0), light weight, and shock absorbing properties are utilized to contribute to the enhancement of lithium-ion battery parts functionality.

Utilization of engineering plastics particle foam beads SunForce™ BE (peripheral parts for automotive lithium-ion batteries: thermal runaway prevention, cell holders, BMS covers, etc.)

For 5G Communication, Disaster prevention supplies, Logistics, Medical care

SunForce™ BE's Flame retardance (UL 94 V-0), light weight, shock absorbing performance, low-permittivity, etc. are utilized to contribute to the improvement of safety.

Utilization of engineering plastics particle foam beads SunForce™ BE (communications: 5G antennas, radome covers, servers; disaster prevention: firefighting helmet covers; logistics: Flame retardance transport trays; medical equipment; energy: portable power supplies and consumer-use storage batteries)

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Please contact us to ask any questions, discuss any concerns, and request samples.

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