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Materials for OA equipment such as printers

What is a printer?

OA equipment is an abbreviation for Office Automation, and is a general term for information equipment for companies that makes office work more comfortable, and includes printers, personal computers, projectors, shredders, etc. Printer is a general term for printing machines, and OA equipment printers mainly refer to multifunction machines and multifunction printers that have fax, copy (copy), and scan functions. This printer has various printing methods (methods of transferring information to an object such as paper). The printing methods of printers can be broadly divided into two types: impact methods and non-impact methods.

We introduce the modified PPE resin XYRON™, which is used for printer internal chassis and ink head peripheral parts, and the POM resin TENAC™, which is used for various gears, mechanical parts, conductive bearings.

For internal chassis and ink head peripheral parts xyron Recycled grade・V series・DG series

What is XYRON™?

XYRON™ is a general term for polymer alloys of polyphenylene ether (PPE) and other resins.

The XYRON™ family, which Asahi Kasei has been producing since 1979, boasts an extensive track record—occupying a key role in the history of engineering plastics—and today encompasses an extensive lineup of polymer alloys.

XYRON™ has several outstanding properties. In addition to having high heat resistance, it also has excellent flame resistance, insulation, dimensional stability, and water resistance, as well as low specific gravity. Furthermore, it is a polymer alloy material that aims to create a synergistic effect with the characteristics of PPE by adding PPE while also taking advantage of the characteristics of other resins. For example, it can be used for high-precision parts with a high degree of design freedom suitable for housings, interior chassis, and mechanical parts.

XYRON™ recycled grade for sustainability

Asahi Kasei is working to develop recycled XYRON™ grades that combine PPE with various recycled resins to yield sustainable manufacturing without sacrificing the high performance of these unique materials.
This recycled grade of XYRON™ allows up to 40% post-consumer recycled resin utilization.
In addition, based on the concept of local production for local consumption, we aim to procure recycled resin from each processing plant, and in addition to reducing our carbon footprint, we have established a system that pays attention to BCP and logistics.

Three features that fit XYRON™ 's sustainability
Features making XYRON ™  resins ideal for sustainability applications

We are also developing a new alloy recycling system that utilizes PCR resin.
We are also looking for partners for closed schemes that enable closer development with customers.

Value provided by XYRON™ recycled grade
Key advantages offered by XYRON ™ recycled grades

XYRON™ V series, a high loss coefficient and vibration damping material that realizes a quiet design

XYRON™ V series is a high loss coefficient vibration damping material that achieves vibration damping performance 5 to 10 times that of PC, PC/ABS, or ABS.

The characteristics of this material are as follows.

  • High stiffness and High Damping Performance: Achieves 5 to 10 times the damping performance of PC, PC/ABS, and ABS while maintaining stiffness.
Vibration damping properties of XYRON™ V series
Vibration damping properties of XYRON™ V series

  • Sound damping: High loss factor in impact sound (especially in high frequency range) and excellent sound damping characteristics.
Attenuation waveform of hammer impact sound
Attenuation waveform of hammer strike sound

  • Sound insulation: It has a higher sound insulation volume than general grades and has a sound insulation effect. (especially high frequency range)
  • flame resistance: UL94 V-1, V-0 flame resistance without using halogen-based Flame retardance.

XYRON™ DG series with excellent ink resistance

XYRON™ DG series is a revolutionary material that retains the characteristics of PPS, which is a crystalline resin, and PPE, which is an amorphous resin, while significantly improving the shortcomings of each.

The characteristics of this material are as follows.

  • heat resistance: It has very high heat resistance, close to that of super engineering plastics.
  • mechanical properties: Excellent balance of strength and stiffness. It also maintains high stiffness even in high temperature environments.
  • flame resistance:  A high flame retardant level without the use of flame retardants.
  • Dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability: Since the anisotropy due to orientation is small, it is possible to manufacture products with little warpage.
  • Oil and chemical resistance: Excellent oil and chemical resistance.
  • Molding workability: It is possible to improve the "burr" that is a problem in molding PPS resin.
  • Low specific gravity: Compared to PPS resin, the specific gravity is significantly lower. Therefore, the weight of parts can be reduced.
print image

For gears, mechanism parts, and conductive bearings tenac-c NS556・TFC77・EF850

What is TENAC™?

Polyacetal (POM) has excellent mechanical properties, sliding properties, and chemical resistance, so it is used in many mechanical and interior parts. As the world's only company and product that manufactures and sells homopolymers and copolymers, Asahi Kasei 's POM resin TENAC™ has a proven track record in a variety of applications and materials. The copolymer "TENAC™ -C" is manufactured and sold at a plant in Japan as well as in Zhangjiagang, China.

TENAC™ -C NS556, which realizes high-stiffness and high-precision gears

TENAC™ -C NS556 is a next-generation compound material that achieves both high stiffness and high precision, which have been difficult until now, as well as durability. The features of TENAC™-C NS556 are as follows.


  • Excellent dimensional accuracy and stability: It can be expected to improve the static accuracy, roundness, and boss cylindricity of gears that require dimensional stability and accuracy, as well as the dynamic accuracy required during actual use. This effect is expected especially for large-diameter gears and helical gears.
JIS gear accuracy
JIS gear accuracy

dynamic accuracy
Dynamic precision

  • Both high stiffness and durability: While exhibiting an elastic modulus of about 150% compared to general copolymers, it is a material that also has durability.
  • Excellent warpage resistance: It is possible to reduce warpage in thin-walled or uneven-walled molded products, and to suppress boss collapse and core deflection. It is also effective in suppressing sink marks on molded products.
  • High thermal stiffness: The deflection temperature under load is 124°C (1.8 MPa load). As a result, it is possible to shorten the cycle during molding.

Click here for the datasheet of TENAC™ -C NS556

Gear for printer

TENAC™ -C TFC77, EF850 is a conductive material that replaces metals used for grounding and contacts, reducing costs by integrating parts and eliminating secondary processing steps.

TENAC™ -C TFC77 is a grade that combines high conductivity and sliding properties by using two types of special carbon in polyacetal resin and at the same time blending a lubricant that does not inhibit conductivity. The features of TENAC™-C TFC77 are as follows.

  • Excellent conductivity with a volume electric resistance value of 10 0 to 10 1 Ωcm.
  • A smooth molding surface is possible, realizing a stable electrical resistance value.
  • By adding sliding properties, it shows a stable electrical resistance value even during operation and after stopping.

Click here for the datasheet of TENAC™ -C TFC77

Conductive bearing
Conductive stability of TENAC™ TFC77
Conductive stability of TENAC™ -C TFC77

In addition, TENAC™ -C EF850 is based on highly fluid polyacetal resin, and is designed with special carbon black to prevent static electricity.It has good conductivity and high fluidity (MFR: 15 g/10min (190℃, This is a grade that achieves both 2.16kg load)).

Click here for the datasheet of TENAC™ -C EF850

High liquidity of TENAC™-C EF850
High fluidity of TENAC™ -C EF850

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XYRON™ m-PPE resin

XYRON™ has excellent flame retardancy, electrical properties, dimensional stability, and water resistance. It is used in photovoltaics (PV), batteries, and 5G communication components.

LEONA™ polyamide resin

LEONA™ has excellent heat resistance, strength and toughness, insulation, and oil resistance. It is widely used in automotive parts, electrical and electronic parts.

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