Asahi Kasei develops innovative 
high performance engineering plastics 
and provides customized solutions

  • Light weight​
  • Heat Resistance​
  • High Strength​ Rigidity​
  • 旭化成エンジニアリングプラスチックの自動車用途イメージ
  • 旭化成エンジニアリングプラスチックの5G用途イメージ
  • 旭化成エンジニアリングプラスチックのEVバッテリー用途イメージ
  • 旭化成エンジニアリングプラスチックの電機・電子用途イメージ
  • 旭化成エンジニアリングプラスチックのOA用途イメージ
  • 旭化成エンジニアリングプラスチックのエネルギー関連用途イメージ


Introducing Asahi Kasei's engineering plastic products, their features, and examples of applications in a variety of fields.


Here are some of our products for use in industries and fields that have been trending in recent years.

Technical support

We provide comprehensive support for the design and development of resin products through our resin-specific simulation technology.

Fundamentals of Engineering Plastics

We will introduce the characteristics of engineering plastics materials, fields of use, processing methods, etc.

How Asahi Kasei’s engineering plastics help to achieve carbon neutrality.
 Asahi Kasei Group is adopting policies to accelerate progress toward carbon neutrality.
We introduce our approaches to realize circular economy through our engineering plastics.
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