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Low elution materials for Fuel Cells

What are fuel cells?

Fuel cells are batteries that generate electricity by reacting hydrogen with oxygen to produce water.
Fuel cells offer the <strong>potential to assist in reducing the use of carbon by serving as a basic means of hydrogen utilization, thus helping to realize the much-discussed hydrogen societies of the future.

Hydrogen energy has the key advantage of being clean: its use generates no carbon-dioxide emissions.
Hydrogen allows storage in the form of secondary energy, is highly energy-efficient, and may be used to generate heat or electric power. Although energy is required to produce hydrogen, the potential to make effective use of reusable energy sources, underutilized energy sources, or excess power resources suggests that fuel cells may accelerate the transition to the low-carbon societies of the future.

Asahi Kasei recommends our XYRON™ 500H modified-Polyphenylene Ether (m-PPE) resin as a material for peripheral components of fuel-cell stacks.

A material for peripheral components of fuel-cell stacks xyron 500H

Features of XYRON™ 500H

  • Unreinforced, flame-retardant
  • Low elution:Minimal elution (of ions, oligomers, etc.) from resin; highly regarded by users.
  • Resistant to hot water and acid:Outstanding resistance to hot water and acid; physical properties remain essentially stable even after submersion for extended durations.

Click here for the physical properties table of XYRON™ 500H

Peripheral components for fuel cell stacks

In addition to our XYRON™ 500H modified-Polyphenylene Ether (m-PPE) resin, we offer other materials and grades with extensive track records. For more information, please contact us via the links below.
For more information, please contact us below.

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XYRON™ m-PPE resin

XYRON™ has excellent flame retardancy, electrical properties, dimensional stability, and water resistance. It is used in photovoltaics (PV), batteries, and 5G communication components.