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Materials compliant with the EN45545-2 European railway standard

What is EN45545-2?

EN45545-2 is the portion of the EN45545 standard that specifies “Requirements for the combustion behavior of materials and components.
These requirements are determined in accordance with three overarching goals:

  • To minimize the likelihood of an outbreak of fire
  • To ensure that, if a fire does break out, flames spread as slowly as possible
  • To limit emissions of smoke and toxic gases

EN45545-2 defines various sets of requirements—labeled by the letter ‘R’ followed by a number—for components for various purposes. For example, requirements R22 and R23—which apply to small component like  terminal blocks, transformers, circuit breakers, contactors, inductors, connectors, wiring ducts, coils and other minor components—specify indices for smoke emission, toxic-gas emission, and oxygen levels.

Asahi Kasei is developing engineering plastics for railway applications, beginning with plastics compliant with the EN45545-2 European railway standards. For more information, please contact us below.

PA66 flame-retardant grades Leona SN series

Next Generation Halogen & Red Phosphorus Free PA66 Flame Retardant Series

In recent years, the demand for halogen and red phosphorus-free products have increased as markets become more focused on reducing their environmental impact and improving worker safety.

As a solution, Asahi Kasei developed LEONA™ SN, an innovative grade which uses non-halogen and red phosphorus flame retardant. This grade offers exclusive features and benefits: excellent heat resistance, high strength and stiffness under wet condition, and improved processability such as mold deposit and metal corrosion.

In addition to its non-halogen and non-red phosphorus characteristics, LEONA™ SN series has excellent laser printability and laser transparency, resulting in higher laser weldability.

LEONA™ SN series also features excellent low smoke properties due to the presence of aromatic PA. LEONA™ SN series has been certified HL3 by the European railroad standard (EN45545-2).

The target applications for R22/R23 are the following small component.
Terminal blocks,  transformers, circuit breakers, contactors, inductors, connectors, wiring ducts, coils and other minor components, etc.

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LEONA™ polyamide resin

LEONA™ has excellent heat resistance, strength and toughness, insulation, and oil resistance. It is widely used in automotive parts, electrical and electronic parts.