LEONA™ SN Series
Next Generation Halogen & Red Phosphorus Free PA66 Flame Retardant Series



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Next Generation Halogen & Red Phosphorus Free PA66 Flame Retardant Series

PA66 flame retardant has been used in various applications such as E&E and automotive parts.
In recent years, the demand for halogen and red phosphorus-free products have increased as markets become more focused on reducing their environmental impact and improving worker safety.
As a solution, Asahi Kasei developed LEONA™ SN, an innovative grade which uses non-halogen and red phosphorus flame retardant. This grade offers exclusive features and benefits: excellent heat resistance, high strength and stiffness under wet condition, and improved processability such as mold deposit and metal corrosion.

In addition to its non-halogen and non-red phosphorus characteristics, Leona™ SN series has excellent laser printability and laser transparency, resulting in higher laser weldability.
Leona™ SN series also features excellent low smoke properties due to the presence of aromatic PA. Leona™ SN series has been certified HL3 by the European railroad standard (EN45545-2).

LEONA™ SN series Application cases

In March 2021, Asahi Kasei held a webinar for individuals living in Europe. The webinar generated 148 registrants, with 65 attending.
With current trends like FA (Factory Automation) and EV (Electric Vehicle), why not consider the Leona™ SN series for demanding applications?

The latest information from our second webinar in June 2021 can be found in the document below.

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