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XYRON™ DG series (PPS/PPE alloys) and XP series (PPA/PPE alloys)
High-performance grades by alloying super engineering plastics with PPE


Introduction to Technologies and Products

Features of Modified-Polyphenylene Ether (m-PPE) resin Xyron™ DG series and XP seriesHigh-performance grade with excellent heat resistance, electrical properties, and dimensional stability

When developing a demanding application part, the challenge is to handle materials with appropriate characteristics such as heat resistance, electrical properties, flame retardance, dimensional stability etc.

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin is a super engineering plastics with excellent heat resistance, low- Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE), excellent chemical resistance, and flame retardance. PPS resin is expanding in applications in automotive, electronics and electrical parts, and water supply and drainage applications.

Polyphthalamide (PPA) resin is a super engineering plastics with excellent heat resistance comparing with aliphatic polyamides (PA, nylon), which has good chemical resistance, and strength. PPA resin is also expanding in applications in automobiles, electronics and electrical parts.

Asahi Kasei’s m-PPE Resin Xyron™ PPS/PPE alloys DG Series and PPA/PPE alloys XP series combine the properties of PPE with the above characteristics of super engineering plastics, yielding novel materials whose unique properties will help to meet your most demanding needs.


Advantage to alloy with PPE

The following three characteristics of PPE provide the advantages of alloying super engineering plastics with PPE.

1. PPE has the lowest specific gravity of all general-purpose engineering plastics, and switching from conventional materials to PPE products not only helps to reduce weight and cut costs by using less volume of plastics, but also reduces greenhouse-gas emissions in shipping due to the lighter weight of shipped items.

2. PPS is a crystalline resin and shrinks during molding, and it is very difficult to improve dimensional accuracy due to post-molding shrinkage. Alloying with PPE, which is an amorphous resin and has low mold shrinkage, can improve moldability and achieve high dimensional stability and accuracy.

3. PPA is a crystalline resin and has amide bond, which may causes dimensional change when it absorbs water. Dimensional accuracy can be improved by alloying PPA with PPE, which is an amorphous resin and has a very low water absorption rate.


XYRON™ DG series (PPS/PPE alloys)

XYRON™ DG series (PPS and PPE alloys)  boast improved dimensional stability and excellent injection moldability, with low warping or burr formation, comparing with super engineering plastics PPS. CLTE of PPS/PPE alloys is stable over a wide temperature range, and these alloys offer stable mechanical properties even at high temperatures. Alloying with PPE yields materials with exceptional electrical properties, enhancing your freedom in designing high-frequency devices.


XYRON™ XP series (PPA/PPE alloys)

Alloying PPE and special PPA, which exhibits lower water absorption and higher heat resistance, even compared to other PPA, stand out for their high strength, low water absorption, and high dimensional stability, even in high-humidity, high-temperature environments.

Potential in high-end applications in many industries.

Ex. 5G devices, ADAS systems (ex. automotive camera), automotive electronics, Inkjet printer inkhead etc.

Figure 2 : Application cases for XYRON™ DG series and XP series

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