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XYRON™ Grade Table

Asahi Kasei is proud to offer an extensive lineup of XYRON™ PPE/PS grades alloys featuring various levels of flame retardance and heat resistance, as detailed in the table below.
We also offer grades with filler content optimized to yield various mechanical properties (including rigidity, toughness, low-warping behavior, and dimensional precision),  electrically conducting grades,  the V-Series of grades designed for vibration suppression and silent operation, and the W-Series of grades designed for use in contact with drinking water.

 XYRON™ consists of various portfolio that enables the selection of various PPE alloy combinations  with a wide range of crystalline resins —ranging from general-purpose plastics to super engineering plastics—to yield unique materials combining the advantages of PPE with the good properties of crystalline resins, including heat resistance and chemical resistance. Our lineup includes: PP/PPE alloys, offering low warping and good chemical resistance; PA/PPE alloys, offering heat resistance, oil resistance, and low water absorption; PPS/PPE alloys, offering high heat resistance, minimal burring, and low warping; and PPA/PPE alloys, offering high heat resistance and low water absorption.

We also offer isolated  PPE resins (in powder form) that have not yet been compounded with other resins. Please contact us to learn more about these products. 

In addition, as part of Asahi Kasei’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, we are currently developing  biomass-derived PPE  and recycled grades containing 15-40% post-consumer recycled plastics. 


Click on each grade in the table below for detailed product data—or click the individual buttons to learn more about Asahi Kasei’s alloy materials.


PPE/PS alloy filament

Filler Non reinforced Reinforced
DTUL[℃]*\UL94 HB V-2 V-1 V-0 HB V-1 V-0
70     1951J        
75-80     100V 100Z      
85-95 200H 240W 240V 240Z      
95-100 300H 340W 340V 340Z X352H    
100-110 400H     440Z
110-120 500H   540V
540Z G402H
120-130 600H   640V 644Z X533H
135-140     740V 744Z G702H
145-150       SZ800     G793Z
150-160 1000H
(equivalent to HB)

*ISO 75-2/A(1.8MPa)

Crystalline resin and PPE alloys

DTUL[℃]*\UL94 V-0 V-1 V-0 HB
90-95 TZ100          
105-110 TT521          
120-125 T0703          
175-180   A0210        
180-185       DG040    
190-195   AT600 AF700      
195-200   AG511        
210-215         DG141  
215-220       DG235    
250-255   AG213        
255-260       DV166    
270-275           XP640

*ISO 75-2/A(1.8MPa): PP/PPE, PPS/PPE, PPA/PPE、ISO 75-2/B(0.45MPa): PA/PPE

Solar-cell connector

PPE/PS alloys

Corresponding grades

These materials alloy PPE with polystyrene (PS) to yield a wide lineup of grades with different heat resistance depending on the PS/PPE blend ratio. Adding fillers or flame-retardant additives yields new grades with additional properties such as dimensional stability or flame retardance; we also offer vibration-suppression grades and grades suitable for use in contact with drinking water.

  • Heat resistance
  • Dimensional stability 
  • Electrical properties
  • Flame resistance           (non-halogen)
  • Resistance to hot water; acid/alkali resistance
  • Battery systems
  • Junction boxes for solar cells
  •  Antenna covers for 5G base stations
  • Water supply/drainage components
  • Components for office appliances
Car battery

PP/PPE alloys

Corresponding grades

These materials alloy PPE with polypropylene (PP) resins to solve the problem of susceptibility to copper contamination—a common drawback of PP products—while improving oil resistance and gas-barrier properties.
In comparison to PP resins, these alloys offer excellent creep resistance, dimensional precision, and resistance to copper contamination.
We also offer non-halogen flame-retardant grades ideal for components intended to operate in the vicinity of lithium-ion batteries.

  •  Oil resistance; chemical resistance
  • High precision
  • Creep resistance 
  • Gas-barrier properties
  • Resistance to copper contamination
  • Components of electric-vehicle battery systems
  • Covers for heat exchangers
  • Peripheral components for inkjet printers
Relay block * For illustrative purposes

PA/PPE alloys

Corresponding grades

These materials alloy PPE with polyamide (PA) resins to yield materials with lower water absorption than isolated PA resins.
These alloys feature minimal dimensional variation upon water absorption and excellent impact resistance, oil resistance, and heat resistance.
We also offer non-halogen flame-retardant grades ideal for components of vehicle-mounted electrical subsystems.

  • Heat resistance
  • Low water absorption (compared to isolated PA resins)
  • Impact resistance
  •  Oil resistance; chemical resistance
  • Relay boxes
  • Vehicle-mounted connectors
  • Structural components for common household appliances 
Head-up displays * For illustrative purposes

PPS/PPE alloys

Corresponding grades

These materials alloy PPE with polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resins to yield grades featuring improved dimensional stability and good formability—with minimal burring or warping—compared to isolated PPS resins.
Alloying with PPE also yields materials with excellent electriclal properties.

Click here to learn more about DG series
  • Heat resistance
  • Dimensional stability and precision
  • Minimal burring
  • Flame resistance          (UL94 V-0 or V-1)
  • Head-up displays
  • Components of laser-beam printers
  • Components of Inkjet printers
  • Components of liquid-crystal projectors
Camera barrel

PPA/PPE alloys

Corresponding grades

These materials alloy PPE—a low-water-absorption material—with highly heat-resistant polyamide (PPA) resins to yield grades featuring lower water absorption, and reduced dimensional variation upon water absorption, compared to isolated PPA resins.
These materials boast high strength, low water absorption, and good dimensional precision even in high-temperature, high-humidity environments.

Click here for more about XP series materials
  • High heat resistance, high stiffness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low specific gravity
  • Low water absorption
  • Dimensional stability 
  •  Lens tubes for vehicle-mounted cameras

Product Data/Tips for Use *Handling Precautions

Precautions when handling XYRON™ (modified polyphenylene ether resin)

The content of this document is based on currently available materials, information and data, and may be revised based on new findings. In addition, since the precautions are intended for normal handling, in the case of special handling, please use after implementing safety measures suitable for the application and usage.

1. Handling Precautions

The following are important points for handling XYRON™. Please use it for safe handling of XYRON™. A separate safety data sheet has been created for handling precautions for each grade of XYRON™. Please read the safety data sheet before use. Please investigate the safety of the additives your company uses other than XYRON™.

A. Notes on work
When working with XYRON™, be careful to avoid contact with or inhalation of pellets, molten resin, and gases generated during melting. In the unlikely event of contact or inhalation, first aid measures are listed below.

  • ・If it gets into your eyes
    If it gets in your eyes, rubbing it may cause irritation or damage the cornea, so wash thoroughly with clean water for at least 15 minutes without rubbing, and if there are any abnormalities, seek medical attention.
  • ・If it adheres to the skin
    In general, wash with water or soap, and if molten material adheres, immediately cool with clean water. Do not forcibly peel off the hardened resin on the skin, and seek medical attention.
  • ・If inhaled
    Normally, there is no direct effect on the human body, but if you inhale dust, etc., gargle well with clean water. If breathing fumes from the melt makes you sick, move to fresh air and wait for recovery. If it does not recover, get medical attention.
  • ・If swallowed
    Spit it out as much as possible, and if there are any abnormalities, seek medical attention.

B. Safety and health precautions
Please be careful to avoid contact with eyes or skin or inhalation of the gas generated when XYRON™ dries or melts. Also, avoid touching the hot resin directly. During drying and melting operations, it is necessary to install a local exhaust system and wear protective equipment (safety glasses, protective gloves, etc.).

  • ・Equipment measures
    In the molding work, there is a risk that gas may be generated by heating and melting, so please install an effective local exhaust system etc.
  • ・Respiratory protective equipment
    Wear a mask for organic gas when working in a place where there is a possibility of inhaling generated gas or fume. Wear a dust mask when working with resin products, sanding, or other work that generates dust.
  • ・Protective glasses
    When working, wear resin safety glasses with side seals, resin goggles, etc.
  • ・Protective gloves
    Wear as needed. In particular, when handling molten resin, use gloves with good heat insulation to prevent burns.
  • ・Protective clothing
    Regular work clothes are fine, but especially when handling molten resin, wear long-sleeved clothing to prevent burns.
  • C. Precautions regarding combustion
    XYRON™ is flammable and should be handled, transported, and stored away from heat and ignition sources. In the event of a fire, strong heat, black smoke, carbon dioxide gas, carbon monoxide gas, and other toxic gases may be generated. To extinguish the fire, you can use the same extinguishing agents as for general fires, such as water, fire extinguishing foam, and powder extinguishing agent. Wear fire retardant clothing and breathing equipment when extinguishing a fire.

    D. Precautions for transportation
    Avoid getting wet and rough handling to prevent the packing bag from tearing. In the unlikely event that the bag is broken and the pellets are scattered, take special care not to slip and fall, and quickly sweep up and collect or dispose of them. Take measures to prevent static electricity disasters during pneumatic transportation.

    E. Precautions for storage
    Please store XYRON™ away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity. Store it away from heat and ignition sources, and take measures to prevent static electricity hazards.

    F. Disposal precautions
    XYRON™ can be disposed of by landfill or incineration. When disposing of waste in a landfill, please entrust the disposal to a certified industrial waste disposal company or a local government if that organization is doing so, in accordance with the "Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Act." When incinerating, please use incineration equipment and process in accordance with various laws and regulations such as the Air Pollution Control Act.

    2.Regarding conforming standards

    There are grades XYRON™ that comply with the self-regulatory standards for food containers and packaging made of polyolefin and other synthetic resins, Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370, UL, CSA, and Electricity Control Law. Please contact our office for details.


    Please be aware of industrial property rights when using this product.

    The data in the catalog are representative values obtained based on prescribed test methods, and are not guaranteed values. Please refer to it as a guideline for selecting the most suitable grade for each application. These figures are subject to change for improvement of physical properties.

Please contact us to ask any questions, discuss any concerns, and request samples.

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