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Chinaplas 2023 Asahi Kasei booth

Exhibition Info

The Asahi Kasei Group exhibited at Chinaplas, Asia's largest trade fair for plastics and rubber, held in Shenzhen, China from April 17 to 20, 2023. About 250,000 people visited during the exhibition period, and about 5,000 people visited our booth. Thank you for coming.

From our group, we have developed a series of automotive solutions such as the concept car "AKXY2", which was created with an eye on the future where autonomous driving is widespread, weight reduction, next-generation batteries, and comfortable interior spaces, as well as 5G applications. introduced engineering plastics and detergents for molding machines. We received a lot of questions from customers and interviews from media specializing in plastics.


▲ Figure 1: The concept car "AKXY2"

Polyamide Resin "LEONA™" Cooling pipe for next-generation battery applications

▲ Figure 2:  LEONA™, a polyamide (PA) resin used in cooling pipes for next-generation battery applications

Metallic-like polyacetal resin “TENAC™”

▲ Figure 3: TENAC™ metallic-colored polyacetal copolymer


▲ Figure 4: TENAC™,polyacetal copolymer as a PIM binder resin

LENCEN™ (c-GFRTP), high-performance plastic foam “SunForce™”

▲ Fig. 5 (left): LENCEN™ (c-GFRTP) 
▲ Fig. 5 (Right): The high-performance plastic foam "SunForce®", used for a cylindrical cell holder 

Related information

LEONA™ polyamide resin

LEONA™ has excellent heat resistance, strength and toughness, insulation, and oil resistance. It is widely used in automotive parts, electrical and electronic parts.

XYRON™ m-PPE resin

XYRON™ has excellent flame retardancy, electrical properties, dimensional stability, and water resistance. It is used in photovoltaics (PV), batteries, and 5G communication components.

TENAC™ polyacetal resins

TENAC™ has excellent self-lubricating nature, fatigue behavior, and oil resistance. It is used in gears, bearings, automotive interiors and fuel parts.


LENCEN™ is a continuous glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (c-GFRTP) composite with tensile strength and impact absorption equivalent to or better than metal.