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Asahi Kasei’s XYRON™ and LEONA™ featured in the electric motorcycle "Iso UNO-X" by Giken Mobility


Iso uno-x

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Asahi Kasei's modified PPE resin XYRON™ and polyamide resin LEONA™ featured in the Iso UNO-X electric motorcycle manufactured by Giken Mobility Pte, Ltd. The Iso UNO-X was launched in Hong Kong on July 16, 2023, under the Iso Motorcycles brand. 

The electric motorcycle "Iso UNO-X"The electric motorcycle "Iso UNO-X"

The Iso UNO-X is a fully electric motorcycle equipped with a vehicle-fixed battery, and  XYRON™ 443Z was adopted for the LIB (Lithium Ion Battery) cover and LEONA™ 53G33 for the motor cover. Asahi Kasei also provided the design optimization with CAE(Computer Aided Engineering)simulation tool. For the motor cover e.g., a filling, warp, and gate optimization analysis was conducted and contributed to speeding up the design and making tool of the part.

LIB(Lithium Ion Battery)cover“XYRON™ 443Z” for lithium-ion battery (LIB) covers

Application LIB(Lithium Ion Battery)cover
Grade  XYRON™ 443Z
Features Flame retardance(V0), High impact resistance, Lightweight, Electrolyte resistant, Dimensional stability, Electrical insulation

Motor coverLEONA™ 53G33 for motor covers

Application Motor cover
Grade  LEONA™ 53G33
Features Excellent mechanical properties, Low water absorption, Hydrolysis resistance (especially calcium chloride resistance)


<Comment from Giken Mobility >

Within the automotive space, Asahi Kasei is a well-known, and respected supplier of plastic molded parts. During the development of our Iso UNO-X, we have strived to focus on using high-quality components and safety is our top priority.

Protective casing for batteries and motors is crucial to maximize safety in every aspect. In this regard, Asahi Kasei's XYRON™ product line has shown the best result for electrical insulation and fire resistance. Being used in electric mobility, heat resistance is also important, especially when we expect our motorcycles to be used in heavy traffic and will be subjected to very high temperatures.

With Asahi Kasei's LEONA™ line, there's a different but equally crucial aspect in our development and testing process. We required our motor case to be waterproof up to a certain level. The biggest challenge here was that our motor unit also had to have liquid cooling with coolant pipes running through the case. Despite these challenges, Asahi Kasei's parts were able to deliver a flawless solution to our requirements.


The Asahi Kasei Group aims to contribute to a carbon-neutral and sustainable world from the perspective of “Care for Earth”. The company strives to meet the expectations of its customers and society by further advancing the provision of products and services.


■ About Giken Mobility Pte,Ltd. 

Giken Mobility is a wholly owned subsidiary of SGX listed, GSS Energy. Under GSS Energy, Giken Mobility strives to bring positive and impactful developments to electric mobility, especially in Southeast and East Asia.
For more information, visit https://giken.com.sg/

■About  Iso UNO-X

The Iso UNO-X is our first electric motorcycle that can get us hit the ground running within the automotive and mobility space. With cutting edge, and sporty design, It features an electric motor with a peak power of 11 hp (8.5 kW) that offers swift acceleration of 0 - 50 km/h in under 4 seconds. A range of 92 km (WMTC), disc brakes & coil spring suspension with aluminum swingarm, and Pirelli Angel tires ensures riding confidence for riders of all levels.
For more information, visit  https://isomotorcycles.com/


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XYRON™ m-PPE resin

XYRON™ has excellent flame retardancy, electrical properties, dimensional stability, and water resistance. It is used in photovoltaics (PV), batteries, and 5G communication components.

LEONA™ polyamide resin

LEONA™ has excellent heat resistance, strength and toughness, insulation, and oil resistance. It is widely used in automotive parts, electrical and electronic parts.