Thermo-fluid analysis is an analysis that predicts how heat is transmitted through solids and fluids. It plays an important role in the design of thermal management systems, which are in increasing demand for EV applications.

Fig.1 Thermo-fluid analysis
Fig.1 Thermo-fluid analysis

Analysis Case Study

Visualization of air flow around a heat source

We analyzed how air flows around a hot heat source. As shown in Fig. 3, by solving the flow field using thermo-fluid analysis, it is possible to visualize how air flows from the inlet to the outlet. Also, from the temperature distribution in Fig. 4, you can see how the central heat source is cooled by the surrounding air.
As input conditions, set the inlet air temperature, inlet air flow rate, and heat source wattage. If the desired temperature is not achieved, change these input conditions to find the optimal condition.

Streamline of air flow
Fig. 3 Air flow streamlines
Temperature distribution
Fig. 4 Temperature distribution

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