Sustainable Mobility

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Case study and interview

Contributing to a sustainable society through advanced engineering plastics“Xyron™,” contributing to the dissemination of EVs; and “TENAC™,” eliminating the need for painting

Since its foundation, Asahi Kasei has addressed social challenges as its mission, and developed new technologies and products to meet the demands of the times. One area in particular that continues to evolve at a rapid pace is “engineering plastics.” Engineering plastics are drawing worldwide attention as their various functions extend beyond the image of traditional resins, and they may contribute significantly to sustainable product development and business promotion. Focusing in particular on “Xyron,” and “TENAC,” Asahi Kasei’s engineering plastics that are expected to contribute to the mobility section, we interviewed Ippei Araya and Masayoshi Iwasa from related departments to discuss their appeal.

More about the interview 『The Future of Sustainable Mobility』

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