Asahi Kasei acquires ISCC PLUS certification for TENAC™, POM resin


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Asahi Kasei acquires ISCC PLUS certification for TENAC™, POM resin

Asahi Kasei acquired the widely recognized international certification ISCC PLUS(*1) for TENAC™ polyacetal (POM) resin as a sustainable product at Mizushima and processing plant in Japan.

POM is an engineering plastic widely used in automotive parts, home appliances, and industrial products. As awareness for the global environment and the importance of sustainability increase, Asahi Kasei has worked to further raise the environmental contribution of TENAC™ POM resin by using biomass raw material.

By acquiring ISCC PLUS certification, Asahi Kasei can produce and sell POM resin using sustainable raw material assigned by the mass-balance method (*2). By applying the mass balance method, we are able to support our customers around the world in their efforts for sustainability while maintaining the excellent performance of POM resin (friction and wear properties, strength and rigidity, resistance to oil and organic solvents, etc.).


(*1)ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) is an international certification system that offers solutions for the implementation and certification of waste and residue raw materials, non-bio renewables and recycled carbon materials and fuels. ISCC PLUS is a certification system that covers mainly bio-based carbon materials which are produced outside of the EU and supplied globally, and to manage and ensure sustainable raw materials in the supply chain.

(*2) In the case of a mixture of sustainable raw materials and fossil fuel-derived raw materials in the production process, the portion of sustainable raw material is assigned to certain products based on ISCC PLUS System Documents and its recognized management methods.


The mass-balance methodMass balance method diagram


■Press release: Asahi Kasei acquires ISCC PLUS certification for several products

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