Acoustic analysis

(under development)



Sound flow can be analyzed based on the vibration analysis.

This is an analysis that optimizes the sound insulation mechanism from the generation and propagation of sound using a material model that takes into account the characteristics of the resin.
In order to design plastic parts with excellent acoustic characteristics, it is essential to establish Acoustic analysis technology.

What Acoustic analysis Can Do: Vibrating Body Control and Sound Isolation

What Acoustic analysis Can Do (1)
Understanding how vibration changes into sound

By inputting the analysis data obtained by Vibration analysis into Acoustic analysis, it is possible to reproduce how the vibration of the object is transmitted as sound and output the frequency curve at any location.

Analysis reproduces how the vibration of an object vibrates the air and propagates it as sound

What Acoustic analysis Can Do (2)
Understanding how much sound penetrates

By calculating the frequency curve transmitted through the plastic cover using material data that considers viscoelasticity, the sound insulation performance of the materials can be evaluated.

By comparing with and without the cover, it is possible to evaluate how much sound is insulated by the cover.